Adorno: Embellishing your Tango with Django

UPDATE: It seems that the version that I published to GitHub at the time of writing this post didn’t work properly.  Now it’s fixed, and works like a charm!

I have been following the excellent Tango with Django online book over Christmas and New Year.  I’m hoping to be able to contribute more meaningfully to the CrisisCommunicator project.

Previous to Tango with Django, I followed all of the tutorials at Getting Started with Django.  I really appreciate those tutorials, as the author (Mr. Kenneth Love) goes out of his way to show you the current “best practices” in Django development.  I wish he had been able to finish his series!  As it is, I’m addicted to his approach, using excellent programs like Vagrant to create a really great development environment.

In Tango with Django, a different development environment is used.  I wanted to continue using Vagrant and Heroku, and I wanted a quick-reference script that I could use to create more development environments easily.

So Adorno was born.  Adorno is a bash shell script to help set up a Vagrant box with the necessary tools for easily coding in Python. It is especially helpful for people following the Tango With Django series. The README also serves as a quick and simple command reference for beginners like myself.  It works independent of your operating system, because it runs in the Vagrant virtual box.

Adorno makes it really simple to set up a development environment and get you ready for Django coding.  Spend less time setting up, and more time coding!

Find it in my GitHub account:

Enjoy!  I hope it’s useful to people.

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