Launching New Website:

New Website!  During my SELECT graduation program at TU/e Eindhoven, my classmates and I had a session on self-promotion.  The session facilitators (Ontwerp Onderhoud, Tamara Derksen, and Marjolein Hins) stressed the usefulness of owning our domain names.  I was inspired, and this site is the result!

It had been on my mind to re-start my own website for a long time.  Previously, I had built a site at (still online!) and used it as an experimental platform to learn Drupal features.  Sadly, that site has languished for want of attention.  Eventually, I intend to migrate the note-worthy content from that site to this.

I intend to use this site as my online resumé, central location to link to my projects, and a collection of technical notes, articles, and links to things that you may find useful.

For the technically inclined, this site is running on a fully-responsive fluid theme called Customizr.  I would really like to update the CSS to have a nice dark theme, like that on my old site.  Suggestions?  Please comment!

With luck, this site will become a useful resource.

Stay tuned!

6 Responses to Launching New Website:

  1. Great Start Link! I’m proud of you! Keep going!

  2. Namahshivaya….
    Proud that we all are in one family.. :)

  3. Avatar Surendran
    Surendran says:

    Good work sire.

  4. Wow!….good initiative….good to know that i have a company ;)

    I know, u must have already got loads of “good-start-Link” messages. So, I will (also) write something which might be useful – criticism.

    Well, though i put many attempts at first, I could not see what else is missing because u have covered everything whatever a personal blog requires.
    But, with my friends in HCI continuouly talking about “user-design”, there is one aspect where you can improve upon. When I saw your website for the first time, it was mostly words with tiny symbols scattered across the page. So I think it would be more appealing if you can design your homepage with less words and more pictures (bigger ones) and yeah, not to forget the colors. Of course, I mentioned this point just for the sake of criticism (and thus, contributing something) :) Hope it helps

    • Hi Vishnu! Thank you very much for your suggestions!

      I do have plans for a background pic, some mildly colorful pages, etc.

      I would really like to transform this theme (WordPress’s Customizr) to a dark one, but that’s on low-priority right now. IMHO, text displayed on a luminous screen should be light text on dark background, to relieve eye strain. When you look at a screen, you’re basically staring at a detailed light bulb! :)